Renati Package 1 | Pixel Mobile Device | 6 Month Subscription


  • Experience security and connectivity with Renati Package 1:


  • Pixel Mobile Device: A sophisticated smartphone designed for seamless operation with Renati Mobile OS, prioritizing user privacy.
  • 6 Months Subscription: Uninterrupted access to Renati OS features for half a year, ensuring a secure and connected experience.
  • World Sim Card: Stay globally connected while maintaining privacy, aligning with Renati’s commitment to secure communication.
  • One Hour VOIP Calling: Enjoy an hour of encrypted Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls, ensuring privacy in every conversation.
  • Free VOIP Calling on WiFi: Connect securely with free VOIP calls on WiFi, utilizing Renati’s advanced encryption protocols.


Renati Package 1 operates on Renati Mobile OS, a privacy-centric system removing potential vulnerabilities for enhanced security. Forensically tested by Unique Wire, ChatMail® on Renati OS™ ensures data integrity, making it impervious to commercially available forensic devices.